We Shoot But Dont Kill!

an nguyen | director of photography & colorist

an is driven by passion and loves telling stories through the lens. as a dop, photographer and colorist, he knows how to use colors and lighting to enhance his vision and the story on set and in post-production.

he is known for his intuitive vision, cinematic style, and passion for creating stunning visuals. work and travel are his biggest passions, while music gives rhythm to it all.
besides his immense love for visual storytelling, he is also a passionate urban dancer and uses his knowledge of movement in his camerawork.

an believes that every project, big or small, is one of a kind and deserves its own unique visual style that engages the viewer and draws them in.
constant growth and learning are part of his identity.

an has photographed numerous projects for companies like seat, cupra, warner music, sony music, universal music and other companies.