We Shoot But Dont Kill!

nao luu | director & production

an original berliner kid, grown up in west berlin. he always had interests in photos and videos. started shooting comedy and action skits/clips with his friends just for fun since he was young.

after a long time working in hospitality, he decided to make a living out of his hobbies.

gaining knowledge trough music videos, advertisements, image films, short films, budget films and film school in a lot of different departments as camera, grip, gaffer, screenwriting, directing, producing, postproduction, set design and even in front of the camera as a stuntman.

meanwhile he mostly does camera, production and directing work, but nao is always hungry to learn new stuff.

“aou are student of life. the best feeling you could get is to achieve something new. it’s like to unlock hidden treasure that slept the whole time in you.

and don’t forget its not about the treasure itsself, it’s about the struggle to get there, cause it s beauty in the struggle ugliness in the success.”.